My First Blog

I am many things:

  • A saint, a sinner
  • A devoted husband madly in love with his wife; an, all too often, difficult person for that same wife to live with
  • A committed father, a father who’s failed in many ways
  • An engineer who’s been on the front row of this high tech revolution for the past 40 years, and often a technology skeptic and laggard
  • A success and a failure.

And if it hasn’t already come through clearly, I am honest.

Most of all, I am redeemed.  God is working something wonderful in my life even though I often screw it up and resist him.

This blog will be my thoughts about life in its successes and failures with God weaving His will through it.  This will be me honestly telling the truth to the best of my ability.

Stay tuned.

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