Planned Parenthood

Recently, I encountered two arguments in favor of Planned Parenthood funding: that only 3% of their services (as reported by PP itself) are abortions, and that abortion is legal. These softballs are commonly used in this debate, and the rebuttal is pretty simple:

Numbers can be deceptive; admittedly, 3% doesn’t sound bad. But the Guttmacher Institute, a research arm of Planned Parenthood, estimates the total abortions from Roe v. Wade through 2011 at 57,496,011 (even with known under-reporting—CA and NH haven’t been counted since 1998). And Planned Parenthood is estimated to have performed one fourth of those abortions. That 3% equals between 14 and 15 million deaths. The numbers speak for themselves.

Also regarding legality, history is full of examples of “legal” atrocities: slavery in the U.S., discrimination against blacks in the post slavery era, extermination of Jews in WWII, persecution of Christians in ancient Rome, repression of women in Muslim countries, to name just a few.

Please don’t argue legality or statistics. The question that should be argued is this: is abortion right, period, regardless of the numbers?

Consider an example: your local Humane Society provides many good services. Suppose they also tortured 0.1% of their animals to death for research purposes, and suppose it was legal. The outcry would be justifiable and extreme.

Do we not care at least as much for babies as we do for animals?

As to the other services provided by PP, crisis pregnancy centers also provide many of those services without any government funding. They are underfunded and often manned by volunteers.

Solution? Fund crisis pregnancy centers and defund any organizations performing abortions.

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